Our faculty members come from all over the world, specialize in a variety of subjects, and pursue diverse hobbies in their free time. These personal experiences enhance our students’ learning environment and add to the Birmingham community at large.


Timothy GeorgeTimothy George

"I'm a scholar, I'm a teacher, I'm a preacher, but one day I got a call out of the blue from the president of Samford University . . . Dr. Corts said, 'We are thinking about starting a new seminary, a new divinity school, here at Samford University.'"

Jim Brown Jim Brown

"so you have to . . . build a Cherokee-style basket from scratch - identify river cane, cut your river cane, split your river cane, make your strips of river cane, dye your river cane, pick out your pattern, learn to weave the basket."

Wayne FlyntWayne Flynt

"I remember . . . breaking off one inch square sections of Alabama hard clay . . . at that point I decided not only that I had to go [to college] because I wanted to be a minister, but because I was not going to spend the rest of my life terracing yards."

Brian TooneBrian Toone

"I was battling heat exhaustion in Hope, Arizona. The air temperature outside had gotten into the 110s."

Robert SmithRobert Smith