Samford History

As Samford gears up to celebrate its 175th Anniversary in 2016, we are collecting stories from our long history from the people that helped make it great.



  • Howard College – East Lake Campus Map

East Lake Map 2


1959-1961 Graduates1959-1961 Graduates

"I think that at Howard, not only did you get a good education, but I think that this, the five of us together after all those years, is an indication of what was our greatest gift from Howard and Samford. It was the friendships that we made."

Jim BarnetteJim Barnette

"The place erupted. And I was in the balcony, and I thought, 'This is going to cave in, we’re all going to die,' because . . . people cheered, went wild and then 'U.S.A. U.S.A.' screaming at the top of their lungs."

Sigurd BryanSigurd Bryan

" I found out that I enjoyed teaching and the prospects of staying on there as a teacher and the prospects of being a pastor...I knew when I tried to preach I really was just teaching. That's what was natural."

Charles T. CarterCharles T. Carter

"I was angry, very angry because it was 12 hours after it happened that I was preaching it on the radio. I got death threats and threatening things because of that . . . it got the community aware how awful the KKK was and what they had done to a group."

Martha Ann CoxMartha Ann Cox

"I don’t consider myself to be a confident person, I consider myself to be a competent person. You know, if you don’t know how to do something. You find out how to do it."

Harwell Goodwin Davis Harwell Goodwin Davis

"And in that moment, I resolved, that if I should return to my native land, that I would endeavor to serve my God and my fellow man a little better than I had in the past. "

Chriss Doss - East LakeChriss Doss - East Lake

"he was down there in a split second and drew back and hit the Southern player and just, I mean laid him up in the bleachers with his fist and blood started squirting and the place went wild."

Hoyt HarwellHoyt Harwell

"We stayed in what had been Navy barracks during the war."

Elizabeth Sloan RaglandElizabeth Sloan Ragland

“I was not greeted by hecklers. I was greeted by Martha Ann Cox.”